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About this site and user guide is a free resource that enables business networkers to find clubs and groups to visit and also enables those who run business networking groups and clubs to promote their activities in a central resource.

If you're looking for a networking group

You can find a networking club near you by using the search box on the top left of each page or by visiting the Networking Clubs List page and scrolling down to your county/area.

If you run networking groups

Listing your business networking group(s) or club(s) will only take a few minutes.

To begin with, get a free account click on the Create New Account link under the user login boxes on the left of the home page.

When you've verified your email address you can login to your account and change your password to something a little easier to remember.

Once you've logged in using your new account details click on the Create a Club Profile Page on the menu and complete the form. Please give as much detail as possible.

When the form is complete, click on the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page and your listing will be automatically created in the directory.

How to edit your club details

Login to your account and then find your club in the directory listing through the Networking Clubs List page.

Click on the club title to bring up your club listing page.

At the top of the page you will see two links: 'View' and 'Edit'. Click on 'Edit' and change your club details as appropriate. Click on the 'Save' button when you're done.

How to create a news blog entry

Login to your account and click on the 'My club news blog' menu item.
At the top of the page you'll see a link that says 'Post new blog entry'. Click on that link and you'll be taken to the input page.

Remember to include the event date and the town where your event is being held in the entry title so site visitors can quickly see if your event is near to them.

Acceptable Content

If you post content that is inappropriate for this site (such as irrelevant pages or advertising for something other than networking groups and events) we reserve the right to remove the content and also block your account without notifying you. This may sound harsh but the intended content of this website should be fairly obvious.