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Leeds - Second Thursday - 3:30pm 10Sep09 Weetwood Hall

Expecting a goodly turnout (as we held fortnightly meeting here before the Summer).
If the weather holds we will do The Twister outside on one of the lawns (ladies, flatties please).
This will be the first Weetwood Hall meeting where everybody does not get a free Impala book, so if you are unlikely to be early for 121's, and not amongst the first ten through the door, bring an old one.

Harrogate - First Tuesday - 2:30pm 08Sep09 Old Swan

First Harrogate meeting in the new season. Not expecting huge numbers, so we will probably have table networking after HelloNumberOne (you get 2 minutes to address each table) then use The Twister to tease out Ideal Prospects by way of preamble, before the SpeedLead process.

Leeds - First Thursday - 3:00pm 03Sep09 Tiger Tiger

First Leeds meeting in the new season.
If there are over 40, we will do table networking rather than The Twister
(guarantees no two people meet more than once rather than all-meet-all).
Bring-a-friend and you both get in for £10 if you book online.

New Business Networking - Leeds - 13Aug09

We zigged when most networking organisations zagged and held a meeting in the middle of the silly season.
The room was too hot and the traffic noise was loud from the open windows . . . yet we still managed to generate 240 leads for the 33 networkers present. And everybody-met-everybody during the Twister process (really) and all networkers filed everyone's business card (in numerical order of arrival) in their free Impala business card book.

Lets Evolve West Lancs - 18/09/2009

Business Networking Event
Further details can be found online at
We look forward to welcoming you
The Team
Lets Evolve West Lancs

Can you handle more business?

Hi All,

BNI Beacon is a new pre-launch chapter of business people which includes committed Beenees from the successful Daventry group and a rapidly increasing presence of new members from Rugby, North West Northants and South East Leicestershire. It's a vibrant fusion of experience, drive and energy all focused on delivering a steady stream of new business referrals to its members.

Drinks & Links - Tue. 1. Sept. Free Networking Event London

The Drinks & Links team is organizing another big gathering in London.

Tuesday 1 September 2009 from 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm
At the The Wine Tun, 2-6 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XX

Please pencil in the evening to meet some interesting movers and shakers in the business world.

Location: The Wine Tun Bar, is right behind St. Pauls has a reserved area for us to enjoy. There is plenty of space to expand our group with comfortable sofas and a bar which boasts a great selection of good value for money drinks!

The Drinks & Links Team

The Newbiz Network - Wed 2nd Sept Event - Spalding, Lincs

The Newbiz Network is delighted to confirm that the next meeting on Wednesday 2nd September (6-8pm) will be held in the Council Chamber at the SHDC Offices in Priory Road, Spalding.

The speaking event - on Referral Marketing- is going to be webcast so all non-attendees will be able to view it on-line or download at a later date.

The guest speaker is Keith Warren of 'The Big Picture' and you can see him in action at

Due to the size of the venue we have been able to open it up to established local businesses aswell.

Networking exhibition & lunch - Friday 18th September, Crick

Holiday Inn Rugby/Northampton
NN6 7XR (map

Date: Friday 18th September 2009
Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Exhibit at the event - £70 25% off early booking discount £52.50 (before 11th September)
Attend the event - £20 25% off early booking discount £15.00 (before 11th September)
Delegates' pack insert - £12 25% off early booking discount £9.00 (before 11th September)

Book online

Working Breakfast means business

We are holding an 'Open Breakfast Season' this month, so feel free to come along an get involved with the great referrals we pass, the full english breakfast and the great business atmosphere we enjoy every week!
Find out who goes, as we always need new sectors to sit around the table!

We meet between 06:45-07:00 and aim to finish by 08:30, every Thursday at the Regency Hotel, London Road, Leicester, LE2 2PL,

Call the Chairman- Harry Murphy- for more details on 01509 815558

Working Breakfast- The Best Networking Group you could hope to find!

18 Aug - Must Oriental Restaurant- Network Lunch in Birmingham

In support of helping the businesses of Birmingham over the summer, Must and Talk Business have arranged a networking lunch at the Newhall Street restaurant.
Arrivals from 12.30 and all done by 2.00pm
Cost just £10 includes oriental buffet, paid on arrival.
for bookings email

Stratford club has ORIENTAL lunch network meeting offer.

The Talk Business @ Stratford business group, that meets at Carluccio's every month, has been invited to a lunch event at Ripples Oriental Cafe, in Stratford, on 1st Sept.
Event will be from 12.30 -2.00pm
Cost £10
To book please email

Cannock Business Exchange - next meeting - 30th July 2009 - 7am

Cannock Business Exchange has been set up for the very busy business person who can make a meeting when they are available and doesn't want to be tied down with membership fees or attendance quotas. The group meet once a month and you are invited to come along whenever you can.

We meet at the fantastic Keys Business Centre in Hednesford which is in a very central location for the Chase area. The building is a new and modern facility and is the perfect environment for business, there is also plenty of parking.

We continue to invite different businesses along each month to try and keep the meeting vibrant and we are sure that it will be an excellent £10 spent on your business development.

Set out in the main networking room are numbered tables for 6-8 people. On your delegates badge are two table numbers. Once you are at your first table, each person has an informal 2 minute slot to present their business. Once all the presentations are complete, there is a short break, then you move onto your second table and the process starts again. A continental breakfast is available before and after the meeting. Further business discussions with new contacts can also continue in and around the venue.

Below are a few comments that we have had back from people who attended our previous meetings.

"Another great meeting, thanks for including me on the invite list"

"Just wanted to say that I enjoyed this mornings networking event. I thought the two table, two minute concept worked really well and I met some good contacts"

"Really enjoyed the meeting and the venue this morning!"

"Just a note to say thank you to both Darrell and yourself for initially the invite and organising yesterdays event - It was great to see a good turnout and people keen to fight their corner in business!"

"Meeting this morning went really well, met some great new people, and some useful people to help me with the launch of my business. Thank you for inviting me!"

If you would be interested in coming along please call to book your place or call Kim Nash for more details on 01543 888 488.

Lead Generation through Business Networking

Lead Generation - A daunting, expensive and massive task? - The only route to create profitable lead generation is through an expensive marketing campaign? - The truth is lead generation can be cost effective, hugely profitable and the best bit? – FUN! Thousands of business owners are achieving successful lead generation through business networking groups. Also known as ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing, business networking is one of the most effective ways to create lead generation.
Whilst expensive marketing campaigns may yield returns, using business networking groups to create lead generation can achieve greater success. Lead generation through business networking enables you to be more focused in your pre-sales positioning and more specific about whom you do business with. Increased lead generation can also be achieved by aligning your sales ‘pitch’ to meet each individual client’s needs – impossible with a ‘blanket’ marketing campaign.
So if it’s that easy to successfully achieve lead generation from attending business networking events, then why is it so many people who try it, fail? Think about the latest marketing campaign you used for your business to create lead generation. Randomly sending out 1000 leaflets for lead generation doesn’t automatically make your marketing campaign successful. They need to be targeted, distribution monitored and above all, followed-up. The same principal needs to be followed for lead generation through business networking; and that’s where many businesses fail.
Simply attending business networking groups won’t automatically result in lead generation for your business. Successful lead generation through business networking has to be a disciplined, targeted and measured activity, and all leads followed up. This may sound like common sense, but you’d be amazed at just how many people believe they’ve done enough to create lead generation just by turning up!
How successful you become at lead generation through business networking groups is massively affected by you - your attitude and approach. Having someone blatantly using you to create their lead generation is an uncomfortable experience, so you need to be friendly, professional, trustworthy and above all nice! The truth is, everyone is there to try to create lead generation for their business, but some will be more successful than others at it.
Pushing your product at every person in the group will result in alienating yourself, your business and a Zero in lead generation! However, taking the time to genuinely get to know people will start to build business relationships, mutual trust and respect. Lead generation then takes another positive step as they introduce you to their contacts, creating many more lead generation opportunities than you would have achieved if you simply approached them as a potential client!
So business networking + lead generation = A great team and a great way to build your business! The Business Club Leicester use a proven system to allow your company to find new leads and build new relationships. To find out how to create lead generation opportunities for your business visit our website – www.the-businessclub/leicester

Drinks & Links - Clement August Meetup

August the Clement Month will be upon us

The Drinks & Links team is organizing another summer gathering in the big city...
Tuesday 4 August 2009 from 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm
At the The Wine Tun, 2-6 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XX

Do come to a great night of lovely Networking and Socializing. Drinks & Links, possibly the mildest Networking event in the world.

Please pencil in the evening to meet some interesting movers and shakers in the business world.

Location: The Wine Tun Bar, is right behind St. Pauls has a reserved area for us to enjoy. There is plenty of space to expand our group with comfortable sofas and a bar which boasts a great selection of good value for money drinks!

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. Christopher Reeve, From speech at Democratic National Convention, August 1996

The Drinks & Links Team - Now We Are Talking

Latest news 9 July 2009

Since its launch in Spring 2009, has really made some ground. Thanks to everyone who has made contributions and added their clubs so far.

The best news thus far is that:

  • The site now has a Google pagerank of 1 (a small but significant step)
  • The site now generates traffic independently from referring sites and search engines
  • The variety of clubs and geographic spread is growing

So, what are we currently working on to improve the site?

  • Over the coming months we're looking to improve the look and feel of
  • We want to add additional features to the site to help networking club organisers
  • we would like to add a forum so networkers can share ideas and get answers to questions related to networking
  • An 'articles' section is under consideration
  • we're researching the feasibility of a calendar system so event organisers can post events on a graphical calendar to enable a varied approach to finding clubs

We'll keep you posted.


p.s. If there's anything you'd like to see added to the site then please just let us know through the comments below.

Up and coming events from Business Club Leicester

July 13th – Internet update
Come along to hear three experts updating us on various aspects of the internet.
Duncan Webster of 1PCS has a wealth of experience in all things web related – just look at his name! He will be talking about the importance of effective Search Engine Optimisation.
Anish Mistry of Fuelled Media have put together some eye-catching websites and will be updating us on the ever changing world of website development.
But it’s equally important to have the right connections and hardware, so Ken Manger of Ulysses IT will be letting us know what technology is on the market. Also, they will be available to answer tour questions many aspects of how to utilise the web effectively for your own business.
BBF Free Inc Buffet
Venue – Leicester Tigers

July 22nd – Leicester Tigers Hard Hat Tour
You can’t have missed the developments going on at our evening and primary Leicester Sporting venue on Aylestone Road. For those who would like to take a closer look, The Business Club have arranged a Hard Hat Tour of the site on Wednesday 22nd July.
There is one time slot at 12noon, and will be limited to a maximum of 25 people per tour. They will be conducted by Gallifords Site Manager and our Head of Stadium Operations, Charles Rayner.
The normal charge will be waived for Business Club members, but please email us if you want to attend.

July 31th – Wish List Luncheon
Come and join us for a buffet Networking Lunch at the Premier Inn Braunstone Lane East. After some open networking, you’ll be seated at tables with the people from industry sectors you would like to talk to. There will be a buffet lunch with refreshments and a glass of wine for those not driving!
When you contact us to confirm your attendance, please let us know which industry sectors, or even specific people, you’d like to see on your table.
Costs – Business Club Members £14 inc VAT, Non Business Club Members £20 inc VAT.
Please make cheques payable to The Business Club Franchising Ltd.
Venue – The Premier Inn, Braunstone Lane East, LE3 2FW

More Success for The Business Club

Summer is barely upon us but you can feel the cogs of industry, just getting started after boosts in the economy news, slowing in the hoped for heat. The schools will be shutting for the holidays within a month, and parliament will close to lick it’s wounds until September. But don’t forget that industry and commerce do still operate during the summer months. The Business Club takes a lighter approach in august with more social activity than normal, but we will be introducing new initiatives ready for September.
We have already had three excellent events in June, with comments such as “The Best single Business Event I’ve ever been to”; “I thought this would be the usual stuff, but you actually solved a business problem I’d got”; “(Meeting) that one contact in the room could make my business” passed our way. Our summer programme still sees a couple more keynote sessions, a drop in surgery for members, two luncheons and a BBQ, before the Autumn programme is announced. Details can be found in our events section below.
But there is more to The business club than great speakers and events, our host of benefits are all geared to help member companies explore new avenues, gain new ideas, and win more business. This is why we have put together the ‘Affinity Group’ programme – based around members working together to spot new opportunities and win new business – which all members will be eligible to join. Aslo, we are launching a Privilege Card, which will allow members to claim rewards for involvement with The Club, anything from a bottle of champagne, and Apple Ipod, to a London Theatre break.

RE: The Newbiz Network - 1st July event - Spalding, Lincs

Excellent event tonight! Over 20 attendees turned out on an extremely warm night and we had a very inspirational interactive talk on 'How to Win Clients & Influence People'.

Next event Wed 2nd September on 'Referral Marketing'

The 60 Second Presentation

If you attend any networking meetings or breakfast clubs, you need to be well prepared if you're going to get the most out of them and get those referrals. So many people I see at the various meetings I attend are ill prepared and just don't deliver a message that is ever going to win business and generate referrals. In almost every case, it's simple because they aren't well prepared and don't have a process for the presentation.

Below is a proven 6-step process that I and my clients have used many times with success. The example below is one that a client of mine uses and almost always generates interest and contacts wherever she goes. It might not be one you can use for your business, but it serves as an example of how we have applied the process to her business.

The 6-step process for the 60 second presentation is:

1. Your name, where you're from and the company you're representing

2. What you do (think in terms of benefits you offer, not features)

3. The type of people you're looking for (who do you know who...) - be specific

4. How you can help them, with testimonial(s) if possible

5. Repeat your name and company

6. Finish with a memory hook

"Hi, my name is xxxxx xxxxxx and I'm a 100% success coach in the industry of Network Marketing. The company I represent is called Kleeneze."

"I show people how to earn an extra income of £50 - £250 per week in their spare time and then go on to build a business that pays a passive income in excess of £40,000 a year on a part-time or full-time basis. We do this without the headaches of a traditional business such as hiring staff, renting premises and holding stock"

"I'm looking for people who want an additional income stream or a way out of the 9-5 grind."

"We've already helped thousands of people across the U.K. and Ireland change their lives and I'm personally looking to help 5 people this year."

"So, my name is xxxxx xxxxxx, 100% success coach with Kleeneze."

"If you want to work for the rest of your life, that's your business. If you don't that's my business!"

Additional Tips

- Dress smart
- Be professional but approachable
- Get relevant people's business cards and follow up for 1-2-1's


Paul Flintoft has over 6 years experience in sales and marketing, both as a successful distributor and team leader for a leading British network marketing company and as a financial adviser. You can contact Paul on his Kleeneze website: or his Consumer Compensation Claims website:

Article Source:

Women in Management, Heart of England Group, Meriden, Nr Coventry

I’m both excited and scared about this event – excited because I know it will be a fantastic session and I will come away with so much knowledge, and scared I will be exposed not as a leader, but just a “bossy cow” (only I’m allowed to say that and you don’t have to agree!!). Ann Skidmore has been a faithful supporter of Women in Management for a long time, and I’m delighted that she has managed to find a window in her extremely busy schedule to share her knowledge and experiences of leadership with us.

So if you would to know what it takes to be a successful leader, book your place by emailing me in the first instance, and then please print off and complete the booking form at the bottom and send off with your remittance as directed.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested in this event.

We very much look forward to seeing you on the 7th.

Best wishes

Yvette Meneaud
Women in Management Network
Heart of England Group
Mob: 07717 315 144
Tel: 024 7669 1596

7 July 2009 Women in Management Network
Heart of England Group presents
Leadership unravelled
with Ann Skidmore, Ann Skidmore Associates Limited

With information at our fingertips through the internet, we know that millions of references exist about leadership and being a leader. There are books and debates about whether leaders are born or made and yet, fundamentally, we are all leaders in some capacity of our lives. Role models are all around us and we too are role models for others, as Ann’s daughter lovingly reminds her!

One key essential ingredient any leader needs to have is to be inspiring to others. Yet inspiring others is not easy. For most of us it takes time, effort and persistence. Nevertheless, we all have the ability to inspire people in small, yet meaningful ways. And when people are inspired they become more enthusiastic, motivated and engaged which invariably improves their performance. Recent research suggests that poor performance in the workplace is a key issue for around 96% of UK organisations!

Inspiration cannot be readily manipulated – it is about winning hearts emotionally and minds logically so is a creative process and we know it when we have experienced it.
Why attend this event?

This interactive session will inspire you to:
· Find out what you value in an ‘ideal’ leader and what it is about that ideal leader which attracts you (plus of course why other leaders do not attract us and why)
· Take part in choosing the next world leader! (and it doesn’t involve ringing a premium phone line number either!)
· Hear the latest research about why being an inspirational leader is a key essential and makes a difference when ‘engaging’ people at work
· Take part in the Inspired Leadership Tool online after this evening’s event and find out how you can create the future, put ideas into action, engage others and clarify values
Where & When & How Much?

Tuesday 7 July 2009 @ 6.30pm at The Manor Hotel, Main Road, Meriden, Near Coventry CV7 7NH Tel: 01676 522735 Fax: 01676 522186

Cost (including light finger buffet supper):
WiM / CMI Members - £12
Non Members / Guests - £20
Who is Ann Skidmore?

Ann Skidmore, MBA, BA (Hons), FCIPD, MCMI, has trained, coached, mentored and developed over 7,000 people in various industries such as the health service, the airport industry, financial services sector, I.T., manufacturing, education, leisure industry, coaching industry, retailing and sales.

Over the last 8 years Ann has delivered several modularized leadership and management development programmes for a variety of private and public sector organizations. These programmes have enabled her clients to become more successful in the way they manage their teams, businesses and of course themselves. Ann uses her background expertise and experience in business psychology, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and common sense to bring about practical and lasting change for her clients and their companies. Ann has been interviewed and appeared in articles for Shape Magazine, Life Coach magazine, Training magazine, the Women in Banking and Finance Newsletter and on Radio 4 and BBC Cambridge, she has also appeared on corporate videos.

Ann is a Fellow of 2 organizations – the RSA and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She was one of the first people to be qualified in the U.K. as NLP Coach in 2001 and has gone on to qualify as a Certified Trainer of NLP so that she can now design and deliver her own certified NLP programmes.

Ann has had over 14 years HR expertise and experience of leading, managing and motivating both individuals and teams to achieve high levels of success and business performance. She has project management experience in organisational-wide projects such as Investors in People and Performance Management. She also has over 8 years experience of running her own company and has a Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Business Administration.
Venue and parking

The Manor Hotel is situated on the B4102 between Meriden and Allesley, Coventry.

From the M42 take the A45 to Coventry and take the exit to Fillongley, Maxstoke, Meriden and Forest of Arden Hotel. Follow signs to Meriden. About ¼ mile past Strawberry Bank and Bulls Head Hotel, is the Manor Hotel, which is set back from the road on your left hand side.

From the A46, take the A45 to Birmingham. Go past the Coventry Hill Hotel and Windmill Village Golf Hotel. Once past Guy Salmon Land Rover Showroom, take the first exit. Continue straight towards Meriden for 1¾ mile. The Manor Hotel is on the right (large blue neon sign).

There is ample parking at the rear of the hotel.
Buffet/soft drinks included.

Registration and buffet at 6.30pm and the event finishes around 9.15pm

Non-members can join WIM for 12 months for just £48 and, thereafter, you can attend as many WIM events as you want (and any Chartered Management Institute Branch event at the member’s rate). Attendance at WIM events counts towards your CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Programme and is a great for both personal and professional development.

Contact for an application form today or do it online by holding control and click on here,


Apart from the vibrant atmosphere/buzz from networking and information from the speakers, Heart of England offer their members the opportunity to:
Ø Display their business literature on the Member’s Table
Ø Have a 3-minute slot to talk about their business/ask for help
Ø Participate in a 30 second share of any information (eg personal/business/social)

This event costs £12 for members and £20 for non-members.
Please retain this part of the form as your VAT receipt:
VAT Number UK GB 232 6844 63 Chartered Management Institute
VAT ELEMENT: MEMBERS £10.44+ £1.56 VAT & NON MEMBERS/GUESTS £17.39 + £2.61 VAT
To reserve/book your place at this event, complete the details below and send it to: WIM-Jul-09, Yvette Meneaud, 93 Brookside Avenue, Coventry, West Midlands CV5 8AB with a cheque payable to the Chartered Management Institute.

(7 day’s notice is required to cancel a reserved/booked place.)

Name (in full):
CMI Member: YES / NO If yes, please provide membership No: …………………………………..
Company Name & Address:
Position in Company:
Contact tel nos:
Contact email address:

GUEST (full name):
CMI Member: YES / NO If yes, please provide membership No: ……………………………………
Company Name & Address:
Position in Company:
Contact tel nos:
Contact email address:

(Add any further guests giving above details)

Network Midlands networking lunch, Mallory Park Friday 3rd July

Network Midlands ( invited you to join them at Mallory Park Motor Racing Circuit, Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire, LE9 7QE for a lunch time networking event.

We usually get 60-80 delegates attending, with a mixture of small businesses and service companies (banks, solicitors, accountants, etc.)

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal. A buffet lunch is provided.

Attendance is £15 (inc VAT), to exhibit costs £55 (inc VAT).

For more information, please go to our website Network Midlands ( or to book book go to our shop (

Network Midlands Wish List Networking Luncheon, Leicester, Friday 19th June

Wish List Networking Luncheon, in conjunction with The Business Club, Leicester

Join us for a buffet lunch and a glass of wine. After some open networking, you'll be seated at tables with people from industry sectors you would like to talk to. When you book, please let us know which industry sectors, or even specific people, you'd like to see on your table.

Campanile Hotel
St Matthews Way
Bedford Street North

Date: Friday 19th June 2009
Time: 11:30am - 2:00pm
Attend the event - advanced booking - £17.50
NOTE: Pre-bookings only for this event

Register online -

Invite a friend/colleague - Everyone welcome -

Future events -

Web 2.0 Surgery, Nottingham - 18th June

The third Web 2.0 Surgery is to be held on Thursday 18th June 2009 from 6:30pm at Cape, Victoria St, Nottingham NG1 2EW.

Web 2.0 Surgery is an informal event where you can get answers on internet related topics from a group of experts.

This event is aimed at small and medium sized companies and organisations, as well as individuals, who use the Internet to operate their business but have questions on how to effectively use the wealth of Web 2.0 tools and services available.

The event creates a marketplace for Web 2.0 knowledge. If you are looking for web designer, graphic designer, ecommerce expert, online marketing specialist then Web 2.0 Surgery is a great place to start to find an expert.

Come along to the next event to share knowledge and experience of Web 2.0 tools and services with others.

Full list of experts to be confirmed. Please follow @web20surgery for updates.

Attendee is free, the buffet is free and all are welcome.

The Newbiz Network - 1st July event - Spalding, Lincs

The Newbiz Network - Event Wednesday 1st July 6-8pm

Topic: 'How to Win Clients & Influence People'

'The Newbiz Network' © is a new business network group which was launched in February 2009 and is run by Mandy Allen - Business Support Services. It is held in Spalding, Lincs on the first Wednesday of every month.

The aim of 'The Newbiz Network' © is to help new and start-up businesses - primarily up to 18 months old - make new contacts and get help with business support organisations to help them make a success of their business. 'The Newbiz Network' © is a friendly,comfortable networking environment.

* Membership to 'The Newbiz Network' © is FREE. *

For information on next event details visit: or visit on or

Drinks & Links - Free Business Networking Event London

Summer, Summer oh... Summer will be upon us,

The Drinks & Links team is organizing another warm gathering in town... so dust off your sunglasses and come to a night of toasty Networking and Socializing. Drinks & Links, possibly the hottest Networking event in the world.

Please pencil in the evening to meet some interesting movers and shakers in the business world.

For more info please visit.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

The Drinks & Links team.

FSB Networking in Leicester on June 9th at 6:30pm (evening)

Leicester FSB Networking Evening

Date: Tuesday, 9th June 2009
Venue: Leicester Creative Business Depot, Rutland St, Leicester LE1 1RE
Time: 6.30 - 8.30pm
Cost: £10 pp

Come and join us for an evening of informal networking at the LSB Depot.
Food is provided.

Our guest speaker will talking on 'On-Line Marketing De-Jargon-ated!'

We'll also have representatives from Business Link, DeMontfort University and Leicester College letting us know about the business support that's available to the small business sector.

visit for a booking form.

Bob Club - Business Over Breakfast Coventry

Breakfast networking meeting every other Friday Ricoh Arena 7.00am - 9.00am - Cost £10.00
Contact Paul Jones 07782 191271 visit:
Guests welcome but only one business per business type.

Latest News from The Business Club Leicester

We have had an excellent start to May, well up on our average sign up rate for the middle of the month, and are looking forward to our events in June:

June 1st – Creative Thinking Workshop
When a problem arises in business, what generally follows is a knee jerk reaction, when perhaps a fresh approach is needed. There can be more than one way to approach a solution, and that solution may come from a very unlikely train of thought or discussion. Tonight’s workshop will exercise those thought processes, and apply them to real challenges that affect business today. You will go away with a new perspective to approach business development, or maybe even a way to solve a longstanding business issue. Conducting the workshop, Jill Simpson of SJS Consultancy is an experienced speaker and trainer, who will be aided by Craig Bunday of The Business Club Leicester.
BBF Free Inc Buffet
Venue – Leicester Tigers

June 15th – Expand Your Horizons
This is a real opportunity to work ON your business rather than IN your business. You’ll be working in a group of 6 members plus a Chairman who is a successful MD or qualified Business Advisor.
Your group will spend 20 minutes helping you with your business, on any issue you choose. It could be helping you identify how you can expand your business, how you might diversify, how you might increase profitability – or any particular issue that you want help with. This is a unique opportunity to get some new ideas.
BBF Free Inc Buffet
Venue – Leicester Tigers

June 19th – Wish List Luncheon
Come and join us for a buffet Networking Lunch at the Premier Inn Braunstone Lane East. After some open networking, you’ll be seated at tables with the people from industry sectors you would like to talk to. There will be a buffet lunch with refreshments and a glass of wine for those not driving!
When you contact us to confirm your attendance, please let us know which industry sectors, or even specific people, you’d like to see on your table.
Costs – Business Club Members £14 inc VAT, Non Business Club Members £20 inc VAT.
Please make cheques payable to The Business Club Leicester Ltd.
Venue – The Premier Inn, Braunstone Lane East, LE3 2FW

June 30th – Effective Goal Setting
We welcome back Alastair Cambell of Ideal Marketing, who will be taking us through effective tips to goal setting – a business discipline that we should all do, but find so much that firefighting gets in the way.Alastair moved from the world of London Advertising agencies to Market Harborough with his family in 1997 to become marketing manager for Lines Unlimited. The company went on to win business with almost half of the commercial radio stations in the UK and won the Marketing Company of the Year Award. Later in his career he set up The Ideal Marketing Company in 2003 – with a previous employer, Voice Connect, as his first client. Alastair has now spoken at seminars to over 4,000 people, including keynote addresses at the NEC and Olympia. He has also produced a series of tips booklets and over 12 CDs on business and marketing matters. He is currently working on a new book on low cost marketing for SMEs.
01858 44 55 43
BBF Free Inc Buffet
Venue – Leicester Tigers

Leicester Cafe Creatif - Next event: 11th June 09

More coffee and nattering is available at our next event on 11th June from 11am - 1pm.

Join Cafe Creatifers for some free advice too:-

- John Buckby from Berryman's solicitors is holding free legal advice sessions - they have a top team of intellectual property lawyers who specialist in the creative industries. They can answer queries about contracts, patents, copyright and much more. If you let them know in advance that you're coming they can book you an appointment - contact john.buckby @

- Cream HR are an employment, law and HR consultancy who will also offer free 1/2 hour slots to attendees to helpw with employment queries - including employing freelancers, diversity etc etc. Book a place with Andy at

- Do you want help with your cashflow? Do you want to talk to someone about your business finances in plain English? Ed Hart is a freelance Finance Director with 20 years experience in the creative sector, and is a Business Link approved supplier. Book your FREE half hour consultation with Ed, by emailing

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