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Raw Business School Chelmsford

Town / City: 
Shire Hall, Tindal Square, Chelmsford, Essex
Contact Name: 
Tom Mapes
Phone Number: 
0845 468 5000
Meeting Frequency: 
Every other Wednesday evening from 7pm
Other Information: 

Raw Business School is a face to face networking event that combines business networking with business education. So many businesses fail because many Entrepreneurs lack the necessary knowledge and business skills required to help them navigate, at times, perilous and unforgiving journey of being in business. If Entrepreneurs knew what they would have to give up in pursuing their dreams before they started, would they have actually started their business? Entrepreneur School can have an impact on business success rates by providing a unique opportunity for Entrepreneurs and business owners to build an extended support network of like-minded people whilst gaining valuable skills.

We welcome you to join us at the Raw Business School Chelmsford and experience something fresh and exciting which will add real value to your business.